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5 Ways to Cut your Wedding Catering costs in Rhode Island

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Gilded Tomato’s clever wedding catering in Rhode Island

The wedding catering cost in your Rhode Island wedding can take all the romance away! We’ll show you 6 sure fire ways that Gilded Tomato’s live-fire wedding catering can smarten up your wedding budget!

  1. Our one-of-a-kind mobile clay ovens offer live-fire entertainment for less! Your guests will see, hear and taste the difference of our live- fired cooked courses and pizzas. Our artisan staff Wedding Catering in Rhode Islandwill delight your guests by cooking in front of them under the crackling aromas and earthy sounds of wood. Our show is MESMERIZING! Fire-masters skillfully work the copper clay oven…take in the hickory wood aroma…the fire is aglow…and your guests gather near under the moonlight…a perfect wedding is yours!  Let us make it a seamless and amazing experience for you and your guests.  Have an extraordinary wedding catering in Rhode Island this summer!
  2. Our Chef will swap pricy items with less expensive ones and will work with you throughout the process. For instance, we will tempt your palate with open fire cooked calamari to instead of lobster offering outstanding taste without breaking the bank! Also try our LIVE-FIRE SKEWERS at your event! Make this a main dish or an appetizer.  We will put together colorful and mouth-watering combinations of beef, bison, chicken, shrimp, veggies, pineapple with special marinades. The imparted taste of hickory wood will tantalize your taste buds and add a great twist to your wedding catering in Rhode Island!
  3. We’ll delight your guests with our lively salad bowls and live-fired cooked grilled vegetables, dazzling in every sense! SPECTACULAR SALADS are one of Wedding Catering in Rhode Islandour featured items for your wedding catering event in Rhode Island! We don’t consider them a ho-hum “side-dish’, they are on your table front and center, filled with color that pops from edible flowers…and tastes fresh and delicious. We may even be able to color match your theme with our flowers.  Now that makes a wedding table eye-catching!
  4. We’ll spice up your buffet with innovative dishes instead of the big-budget item cubed-cheese platter. It’s often the least popular item at a wedding cocktail hour, but costs so much! Why not replace it with the smoky home-made garlicky hummus platter and wood-grilled pitas? No one will realize it’s not there!
  5. Have your wedding at your own back yard or low budget space of your choice! Being mobile, we have the ability to travel quite far, depending on the road and weather conditions.  We can set up almost anywhere as long as the ground has to be solid; hard-packed stone, sand, soil or asphalt.  Start dreaming your ideal wedding catering in Rhode Island and we’ll make it happen!