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Food truck catering greatness under Gilded Tomato’s Chef Jori Rieben

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Magnificent food truck catering for great events

Food truck catering has just taken a whole new dimension under Gilded Tomato’s new Executive Chef, Jori Rieben. There is no consensus on how to become a great chef. Some rely on experimentation, intuition and tradition – as well as the guidance of the heart and the stomach – to inform their style. Others take a decidedly technical approach, pursuing rigorous educations that establish theory, order, method, chemistry and nutrition as the frameworks of their Jӧri Rieben’s nontraditional path upwards through the culinary world has given him a balanced perspective on just what it means to prepare and serve a meal. Rieben is the Executive Chef of Gilded Tomato a unique duo of hand-crafted mobile clay ovens, namely “Gilda” and “Gatsby” most likely seen at Blackstone Park’s summer Farmer’s Market. They truly are not your average cookie cutter food truck and offer distinct catering that will make your next event shine!

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Rieben’s longtime love of food had organic, emotional beginnings. As a child in Spring Valley, NY, Rieben would watch spellbound as his father joyfully prepared meals for family and friends. The elder Rieben’s enthusiasm spilled over, and young Jӧri came to love the food and the process, eagerly assisting his father with what needed to be done. The family moved to Switzerland when Rieben was 10, and by the end of high school, he had secured a three-year apprenticeship at Restaurant Am Gallusplatz, a fine-dining restaurant in the city of Saint Gallen. Rieben stayed on for another year after the apprenticeship, before reporting for his compulsory Swiss military training. During his training Rieben managed to work his way into the kitchen, even staying on in a culinary role at the military for another half-year after his training. After that Rieben took on a roughly six-month engagement aboard the cruise ship MS Europa. After another stint at Am Gallusplatz, Rieben decided to return to the United States, landing in Rhode Island and finding no shortage of need for his skills around the state.

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This is why Rieben’s leadership at Gilded Tomato is so important. The duo offers so much more than simple food truck catering: a true live-fire cooking spectacle!  Rieben tries to extend this somewhat egalitarian approach to the menu. Most importantly, Rieben is currently molding Gilded Tomato’s aesthetic. Like any chef worth his salt, Rieben closely monitors the quality of his ingredients. Reserve one of Gilded Tomato’s ovens today. You’ll be glad you did and you will experience the enchantment of a food truck catering like no other!