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The Gilded Age of Wedding Catering is here!

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Enchanted Gilded Tomato’s wedding catering menus

Life’s most treasured moments can now be part of a “Gilded Age,” with the luxurious wedding catering packages by Julia Sweet and her company, The Gilded Tomato. The moveable ovens offer  live-fire cooking entertainment of the highest sort and have written a new chapter in wedding catering in Rhode Island of which F. Scott Fitzgerald would surely approve. “Gatsby” or “Gilda” – bespoke, mobile wood-fired copper and clay pizza ovens – will be transported to your home or other venue where 50 guests will experience a truly unique catered affair.

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Specially trained artisan chefs and catering staff will delight guests with demonstrations of “live fire” cooking of hand-crafted savory and dessert pizzas, complimented by gourmet salads.  To be expected, all ingredients are locally sourced and organic wherever possible. Gilded Tomato’s wondrous offerings are a true mozaic of color – we have taken pizzas and infused them with nutrition – some wholewheat in the dough, vegetables infused into the San Marzano sauce, heart-healthy olive oil, fresh herbs…and maybe a drizzle of hot honey. We start with 100% Molina Caputo flour, indisputably the world’s best.  San Marzano tomatoes, savory olive oil, sprigs of fresh herbs are some of the ingredients in our special sauce.  We top your pizzas with as many local, natural and/or organic vegetables as feasible. During the final prep stage, the pizzas are then placed on an organic brown rice floured wooden peel and placed into the oven. As you can see, making artisan pizza is a labor of love!

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Throughout, dancing flames and hickory wood aromas will draw your friends near, creating a special ambiance for this second-to-none culinary experience. For vegans and vegetarians, we can meet your dietary requests.  We will make wood-fired portobello mushrooms pizzas topped with our roasted vegetables on San Marzano sauce.  For vegans we omit the cheese. We must have a head count one-week prior to your event.  We cannot guarantee a nut-free environment – our dessert pizzas contain nuts.   One of the exciting parts of live-fire cooking is that it is an interactive experience – this is designed to entertain your guests!  We are happy to answer questions.  You will find our staff personable and accommodating. With the promise of this enchanted wedding catering unique in Rhode Island that final chapter is yours to write.