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At last, live fire cooking of wood-fired pizza comes to Rhode Island

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Great for any occasion our wood fired-pizza ovens will thrill you and your guests!

wood-fired pizza

Julia Sweet, the owner, is passionate for anything wholesome and has employed two hand-crafted clay ovens, namely “Gilda” and “Gatsby” to bring this unique entertainment to Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. She also loves to grow her own herbs at her farmstead in Rehoboth, the enticing smells of which you can trace to Gilded Tomato’s signature sauce on all their savory wood fired pizzas. Far away  from your average “cookie cutter” catering options available in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts regions Julia and her passionate team offer a truly distinct catering option: Gilded Tomato’s live fire cooking and their much sought after wood-fired pizzas. Excellent meats, seafood and artisan vegetables are also cooked over an open live fire grill.

Classically elegant the ovens are a true feast to the senses and since nothing entertains guests like the flames of an open fire cooking your banquet will have all the right ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. he savory aromas of excellent food cooking, our complete sound system playing the background music of your choice, unlimited Birch Beer and amazing foods handcrafted specifically to your criteria for your perfect event.

We offer both savory and dessert pizzas, individually crafted one by one, from the finest and freshest ingredients.  Our dough is made using a three-day cold fermentation process, created by our mentor and friend, Ciril Hitz, an award-winning master baker and professor at Johnson and Wales University. Finely crafted with 100% Molina Caputo flour, indisputably the world’s best, San Marzano tomatoes, savory olive oil and sprigs of fresh herbs our wood-fired pizzas are second to none and will transform your banquet to a truly pleasurable experience.

wood-fired pizza

Our mobile ovens and expert team is exactly what you need to enhance your banquet! Highly regarded by multiple event spaces we can set up on any solid hard-packed ground at the event space of your choice. We guarantee enjoyment for hours to come and suggest that your party size is 50 guests to make the most out of your budget. We are also chosen by smaller more eclectic parties for intimate gatherings!  You’re in control of the menu items with our affordable fee structure as a typical wedding dinner fee with full menu (savory and dessert pizzas, non-alcoholic beverages, salad, paper goods) and additions (appetizers, coffee service).

wood-fired pizza

Be a guest at your own party while indulging in our live-fire cooking catering with custom-prepared wood-fired pizzas made on the spot!

wood-fired pizza