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Wonderfully wild, Gilded Tomato’s food truck catering will work out magic for your wedding!

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If you are planning your wedding check out how Gilded tomato’s food truck catering is a real find at an excellent value and price! Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on entertainment and quality, especially that day being the most important day of your life! Our food truck catering offers unbelievable live-fire cooked menu options. Our vast array of menu includes our signature wood-fired grilled pizzas and a multitude of entrees and appetizers all charmingly cooked in our renowned mobile ovens, “Gilda” and “Gatsby” under the crackling sounds of wood.

Food truck catering

  1. A spectacle at an affordable value! “People eat with their eyes first”, so we focus on the presentation! One of the most exciting parts of live-fire cooking that Gilded Tomato is renowned for is that it is an interactive experience – this is designed to entertain your guests! Our pizzas are baked until their underside have the telltale “leopard speckling” – in all of an amazing 90-seconds!  Our show is TANTALIZING!  Fire-masters revitalize the ambience while working in the copper clay oven…take in the hickory wood aroma…the fire is aglow…and your guests gather near under the moonlight…a perfect wedding is yours!  Let us make it a seamless and amazing experience for you and your guests.  Adventure calls and our food truck catering has it all!

Food truck catering

Skip the raw baroffer a make-your-own pizza bar! Trendy but nonetheless offering savings that sizzle, our option to make unique pizzas for each one of your guests hits a home-run in every event we cater as one of the most exorbitant kinds of stations! Our 100% organic Terre Blanche clay ovens are perched on teak trailers, and can rotate 360-degrees allowing us to configure into most spaces.  While the interiors fire up to 1200-degrees, the exteriors remain cool to the touch.   Match that with an immense selection of both savory and dessert pizzas, hand-crafted one by one, from the finest and freshest ingredients and you have a winning combination!  Our dough is made using a three-day cold fermentation process, created by our mentor and friend, Ciril Hitz, an award-winning master baker and professor at Johnson and Wales University. We start with 100% Molina Caputo flour, indisputably the world’s best.  San Marzano tomatoes, savory olive oil, sprigs of fresh herbs are some of the ingredients in our special sauce.  We top your pizzas with as many local, natural and/or organic vegetables as feasible. During the final prep stage, the pizzas are then placed on an organic brown rice floured wooden peel and placed into the oven all in good fun!  An unexpected pleasure of food truck catering to be sure!

Food truck catering

So much more than a simple food-truck catering our mobile ovens offer undreamed-of opportunities to make your wedding memorable for years to come while honoring your budget!