Our clients’ comments….

“This was our fourth biennial and I don’t think any participant has ever created a stir like the magnificent “Gilded Tomato”. From the elegance and uniqueness of the oven, itself, to the amazing results that came out of it, you were a huge hit.”

       – James Connell, Executive Director, Linden Place Mansion Bristol, RI

“Julie and her whole staff have catered our venue many times. They never disappoint, always professional, with delicious fresh ingredients in their food.  We are always thrilled to know hen they are catering our event!”

       – Ann Messenger, Owner/Operator, Five Bridge Inn

“Fabulous staff, fabulous food! Highly recommend.”

       – Sheila S.

“Fresh ingredients. Beautiful presentation. Respectful staff.  I highly recommend Gilded Tomato for your special event!”

       – Kathie M.

“Very classy and professional! Food is delicious and guests love what Gilded Tomato has to offer. Great job, Julie!”

       – Lydia F.

“Catered my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah – perfectly!”

       – Carolyn B.

“A completely dedicated staff that is willing to make every event special”

       – Ciril H.

“The Gilded Tomato put on a wonderful dinner for my daughter’s 21st birthday. We held it in our tight urban driveway/backyard in Providence and Julia was professional and accommodating from start to finish. She is organized, efficient and thorough, and the food was delicious, (who knew that dessert pizzas could taste so gourmet ?!)? The oven is a work of art, and every guest, young and old, loved the food as well as the culinary entertainment. The staff were all polite and personable. I would highly recommend them!”

        – Lisa B.

“I have had the pleasure of being at several events catered and served by the Gilded Tomato Company. The fare has always been totally delicious! But the experience is even more greatly enhanced by the professionalism, the care and graciousness of the chefs and staff. They are welcoming and utterly positive in their interaction with guests!”

        – Lee C.

“The service and quality of their pizza is out of this world!”

       – Meagan L.

“Julie and staff are so personable, caring, and talented. They are a joy to work with and very accommodating to meet your needs.”

       – Dianne L.

“As a non-profit working with Gilded Tomato Company at one of our large events- which celebrates local foods- we found them amazingly generous. The pizza received rave reviews the entire night and the set up was fun, as well. I would highly recommend working with them as a vendor for any event as well as visiting the establishment as a patron. The food is not only delicious, but Gilded Tomato Company is generous and easy to work with.”

        – Leanne D.

“Wonderful pizzas! Great crew! Julia is very creative.”

        – Javone D.

“Superb Pizza!”

       – Steven H.

“Friendly, as well as good pizza. Fun to have it right from the oven, right in front of you. Good idea.”

       – Jane T.

“We were initially attracted to the Gilded Tomato pizza by the good looks, but stayed faithful for the good food. Made primarily of fresh produce on top of a hand-made crust, the pizza is as tasty as it gets. The beautiful portable brick oven is as hot as it should be, and bakes the pizza in 90′. One of those few instances in life where high quality is combined with fast service.”

       – Petros L.

“We had Gilded Tomato come to help us celebrate a big birthday in our yard. We had about 100 people and it was WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS! It’s been a couple of years and I still hear about how great the party was.”

       – Debbie B.

“Delicious pizza and gorgeous copper ovens! What’s not to love?”

        – Ric W.

“Great pizza and wonderful people to work with.”

       – David D.

“Gilded Tomato Company came to our school to do an event for our students. Everyone LOVED the pizzas they made for us! They were delicious and nutritious – and the price was right. I encourage everyone to try Gilded Tomato – you will be delighted!”

       – Katherine G.

“Terrific all around. Both our guests and ourselves were thrilled with Julia and company.”

       – Renee S.