How far do you travel? 

Being mobile, we have the ability to travel quite far, depending on the road and weather conditions.  We charge an additional fee if we travel beyond our standard radius.  This is measured from our location in Rehoboth, MA. and based on Google map directions.

Can you set up anywhere? 

The ground has to be solid; hard-packed stone, sand, soil or asphalt.  Parking on a lawn may leave ruts.  We will do a site review to determine accessibility and plan-out our configuration.  The oven rotates 360-degrees which gives us plenty of flexibility.

What are your minimum size parties? 

We have a minimum price to cover our basic costs of rolling out, and fully staffing all stations.  This is based on 50 guests, however, feel free to have a smaller, more intimate gathering, however, please understand that the fee remains the same, and is not decreased below our necessary base.

What are your maximum size parties?

Having two ovens (“Gatsby” and “Gilda”), we can accommodate a very large group with two full cooking crews.  Some of our private events have served 400-plus guests.  All day festivals serve many more.

What is your fee structure? 

Our pricing is based on location, date/time, length and type of event, guest count, and menu selection. We always encourage having a conversation with us so that we can help guide with consideration of vision and budget. To give you an idea, however, we offer mid-range, value pricing. Typically, our per person rate is between $25 – $75, with weddings between $50 – $75 (and up).

Our per person fee includes: food/beverage selection, oven rental, our tent and kitchen set-up, full staffof fire-master and chefs, insurance, licenses and permits if applicable, and travel within a 25-mile radius (additional charge if over).

* Transparency: You might find that our inclusive pricing differs from other caterers who have separate line items. Added to your invoice will be applicable State taxes (7.25% MA and 8% RI) and industry standard service charge of 20%.

How much does your catering cost for a wedding?

A typical wedding dinner fee is in the $4,500 – $6,000+ range with full menu (savory and dessert pizzas, non-alcoholic beverages, salad, paper goods) and additions (appetizers, coffee service).  We will ask you for the guest size, location, time of the event.  If you are on Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, or Block Island, other expenses will be incurred.

What extra fees might I expect? 

Sales and meal tax, service fee of 18% (industry standard), extra wait-staff, menu upgrades and additions, extra mileage above 25-miles, and overtime. 

What is not covered? 

Rental of tent, tables, seating, flowers, table linens and china/glassware, liquor service, and extra waitstaff, as stated.  We will bring what we need to prepare the dinner, including our talented chefs in uniform.

Do you serve liquor? 

We do not currently have a liquor license – we may in the future.  Please make your own arrangements, including liquor, bar tending staff and glassware.

Can you accommodate vegans or gluten-free/nut-free dietary needs*? 

For vegans and vegetarians, we can meet your dietary requests.  We will make wood-fired portobello mushrooms pizzas topped with our roasted vegetables on San Marzano sauce.  For vegans we omit the cheese. We must have a head count one-week prior to your event.  We cannot guarantee a nut-free environment – our dessert pizzas contain nuts.   We are never totally gluten-free – we cook in the presence of gluten.

Can our guests watch you cook? 

Absolutely! One of the exciting parts of live-fire cooking is that it is an interactive experience – this is designed to entertain your guests!  We are happy to answer questions.  You will find our staff personable and accommodating.

How long will you be at our event?  

We arrive roughly 1.5 to 2 hours before the schedule serve time to fire up the oven/set-up/roast vegetables, we will serve over the course of two hours, and then, clean/load-up to leave (approximately one-hour).  Your event is scheduled for a five-hour block.  Please invite your guests for the beginning of the service time.  If you choose to have a more casual drop-in event, we can absolutely accommodate your plans by extending the contractual hours.  Once we begin to serve dessert pizzas, we are unable to go back to making savory pizzas.  However, we can put a few savory pizzas to the side for late-comers.

What if it rains?

We can manage most weather conditions, with the exception of lightning storms and hurricanes.   We request that your tent/venue will have adequate protected space for us, in the event of inclement weather.  This will be reviewed at your site visit.

Do you do children’s parties? 

Yes – with great delight!  We can create a special kid-friendly menu and including natural juice boxes.  Children, donning paper chefs hats, work in teams to create a dessert pizza which they can watch being cooked before their eyes.   This can be included at your wedding event.  A perfect “photo op” for friends and family!

How far in advance should we book? 

We are generally booked well in advance – so please don’t hesitate to start the inquiry process.  If you are being spontaneous, by all means give us a call, we may have an opening!

The signed contract and payment hold your date. Your contract will fully outline our arrangement.  Two copies must be signed and returned with your check payable to, “Gilded Tomato Company” at 2 Peckham Street Rehoboth, MA  02769.  One signed copy will be returned to you.  No date is held without signed contract and full payment.

How do I book my event? 

Give us a call – and let’s see if your date is free.  If you have flexibility on the date, this is helpful.  Call us before you send out “save the date” e-vites!

What is your season? 

Our season starts in April, and ends when the weather turned abysmally cold, wintry, and blustery – usually mid- to late- November.

Are Saturday’s available for events?

Saturday is our busiest day; we hold this day for large events and weddings. You are welcome to ask – we may be available with one of the two ovens. Discounted days are sometimes available during our slowest periods and weekdays.



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